History 223: Religion and Conflict in Early Modern Europe (Spring, 2010)

Welcome to History 223! At this site will be posted additional readings for the course. Here I'll direct you to both primary and secondary materials to help supplement the two main textbooks by Koenigsberger/Mosse and Dunn. Click on the links for online versions of the text or to begin downloading the selection in pdf.
WARNING: Some of these readings are rather long. I do not expect you to read the long ones completely through, but rather skimming sections will provide you with a good idea of the thrust of the piece. The total list of readings, of course, can also be found on the course syllabus.

Week 1: Backman on Medieval Religion
Slides on Introduction; Slides on Medieval Christendom

Week 2: Fish's Supplicacyon and Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
Slides on Humanism; Slides on Anticlericalism

Week 3: Wandel on Iconoclasm and Eisenstein on Print, Karlstadt and Foxe (skim Book 11, 1583)
Slides on Radicalism; Slides on Printing

Week 4: Luther's Address, English Articles, Calvin's Institutes
Slides on English Reformation; Slides on Swiss and German Reformations

Week 5: O'Malley on Catholicism and Loyola's Exercises
Slides on the early Catholic Reforms; Slides on later "Counter" Reforms; Essay and Identification Examples

Week 6: Anti-Catholicism and Pan-Protestantism
Slides on Confessional Conflict and the French Wars; Slides on the Dutch Revolt and Anglo-Spanish Conflict

Week 7: Marsh on Pews in the Parish (No Slides this week)


Week 8: Greene on Muslims, Edwards on Jews, Kaplan on all
Slides on Xty and Islam; Slides on Xty and Judaism

Week 9: On the destruction of Magdeburg
Slides on the Early and Later Stages of the Thirty Years' War

Week 10: Hill's Revolution, Munck's Crisis, Root and Branch
Slides on the English Civil Wars and Religion, Politics

Week 11: Hill's Revolution, Dissenters, Ranters Ranting
Slides on Radicalism at mid-Century and on Various Groups

Week 12: Games' Puritans, Zakai's Gospel, Bradford's History and Letters
Slides on West-ward Hoe and Puritan Migration

Week 13: Thomas' Decline, Colie's Deists
Slides on Tolerance and Skepticism

Week 14: Bostridge's Transformations, Hammer of Witches (excerpts and about), Salem Witch Trials
Slides on the Dark Side I and Dark Side II

Week 15: The Profession and Practice of History

Peasants War
The Alliance of Peasant and Foot Soldier, Acker Concz and Klos Wuczer, in the Peasants War of 1525. Copper Engraving by Hans Sebald Beham, 1544. For notice of this image in a larger context, see here for: Lyndal Roper, "'The Common Man,' 'The Common Good,' 'Common Women': Gender and Meaning in the German Reformation Commune," Social History 12:1 (1987): 1-21, esp. 4.