History 15: World History, 1500 - 1900

Welcome to History 15! At this site will be posted lecture presentations and additional readings for the course.

For the course syllabus in pdf, click here.

All supplementary readings for the course are immediately available below, though lecture material will be posted over the course of the semester.


Lecture Slides and Readings (In addition to the books)

Day 1: Introduction and Overview
Lecture Slides: Introduction

Week 1: Ibn Battuta's Travels
Lecture Slides: Exploration, Trade, East-West Relations

Week 2: Vasco de Gama, Ferdinand Magellan
Lecture Slides: Renaissance, Reformation, Political Theory
(Link to the Sistine Chapel, here)

Week 3: Aztec Accounts, Las Casas (Brief or Full Version) , Cort├ęs' Letter, Spanish Laws
Lecture Slides: New World (Scramble), Natives, Slavery

Week 4: English Relations with India, The Mirror of Countries
Lecture Slides: Ottomans, Safavids, Mughals

Week 5: Chinese View of Europe
Lecture Slides: Japan & China, Gathering Russia

Week 6: Hume on Miracles, Jefferson on Christianity, Essays on Haiti
Lecture Slides: Enlightened Ideas, Religious Decline & Revival, French Revolt

Week 7: Philosophy, Engel's Observation, Women, Thames
Lecture Slides: Industrialized West, Industrial Effects

Week 8: No Additional Reading
Lecture Slides: Later Ottomans, Later Russians, Qing China

Week 9: Britain, America, Germany, India, Afghanistan, Africa
Lecture Slides: Scramble for Africa, Scramble Con't

Week 10: Newspapers from America, Britain, Ireland, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Argentina, Australia
Lecture Slides: Germans & Italians, World in 1900