History 123: England to 1688 stonehenge

Welcome to History 123! At this site will be posted lecture presentations
and additional readings for the course. Here I'll direct you to both primary
and secondary materials to help supplement the two main textbooks
by Hollister and Smith. For the course syllabus, click here; for the discussion syllabus, here.

All supplementary readings for the course are available below, though lecture
material will be posted over the course of the semester.

Lecture Slides and Readings (In addition to the books)

Day 1: About & Selections from The English
Lecture Slides: Introduction
(Slides in pptx; right-click, choose "Download Linked File As" or "Save Link As," and go from there)

Week 1: Druids, Stone Circles, Caesar 4 & 5
Lecture Slides: Prehistoric Britain, Roman Britain
(Slides in pptx Prehistoric, pptx Roman)

Week 2: Bede & Beowulf
Lecture Slides: Christianity, Consolidation, Vikings
(Slides in pptx Xty, pptx Consolidation, pptx Vikings)

Week 3: Remember to read the Howarth Book!
Lecture Slides: Late A-S England, 1066, Admin. & Archit.
(Slides in pptx Late, pptx 1066, pptx Admin.)

Week 4: About & text of Magna Carta
Lecture Slides: William's Successors, Henry II & Sons, High Middle Ages
(Slides in pptx Succesors, pptx H2, pptx High M.A.)

Week 5: No additional reading due to the Midterm.
Lecture Slides: Henry III, Edward I
(Slides in pptx Henry, pptx Edward)

Week 6:About & Prologue to The Canturbury Tales; About & Research on the Wycliffite Bible
Lecture Slides: Royal Sovereignty, Parliament, Social and Religious Developments
(Slides in pptx Royal, pptx Parliament, pptx Soc-Relig)

Week 7: No additional reading.
Lecture Slides: 100 Years War, Social Change, Lollardy
(Slides in pptx 100, pptx Social, pptx Lollards)

Week 8: Thomas More's Utopia
Lecture Slides: Wars of the Roses, Henry VII
(Slides in pptx Roses, pptx Henry VII)

Week 9: Fish's Supplicacyon (original or modern),
Henry's Assertio
Lecture Slides: Young Henry VIII, Early Reformation, Henrician Reform
(Slides in pptx Young, pptx Reform, pptx Henrician)

Week 10: No additional reading due to the Midterm.
Lecture Slides: Edward VI, Mary
(Slides in pptx Edward, pptx Mary)

Week 11: Jewel's Apology, Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Lecture Slides: ER's Settlement, Catholics & Puritans, Foxe
(Slides in pptx Settlement, pptx Cath & Pur, pptx Foxe)

Week 12: Camden's History
Lecture Slides: Elizabethan Foreign Policy, Myth of ER
(Slides in pptx For. Pol., pptx Myth)

Week 13: James' True Lawe
Lecture Slides: James' Style & Early Years, Politics & Religion, Foreign Affairs
(Slides in pptx Style, pptx Pol-Reg, pptx Foreign)

Week 14: The Ranters Ranting
Lecture Slides: Caroline Politics, Caroline Religion, The Civil Wars
(Slides in pptx Politics, pptx Religion, pptx Wars)

Week 15: No additional reading due to the Final.
Lecture Slides: Interregnum
(Slides in pptx Interregnum)