History 120: Europe and the Modern World, 1815 to Present (Spring, 2005)

Welcome to History 120! For a digital copy of Professor Frank's syllabus, click here. For the complimentary reading for the week of April 24, click here (fyi, the file is about 5 MB)

120 Policies

Professor Roberts' French Rev outline
Indust. Rev. Lecture Outline

Lecture on the Origins of World War II (and in ppt)

Weekly Questions

Questions on Chapter 20, Paine, Burke (for text of The Rights of Man, click here and for text of Reflections, click here)
Questions on Engels, Mill, Marx (for further information on the Manifesto, click here; for Conditions, click here)
Questions on List and Mazzini (for a full, downloadable National System, click here)
Questions on Bismarck, Cavour
Questions on Vierbeck/Traders/Renan
Questions on Conrad, Achebe
Questions on Gorky (but not Zuckmayer) (for information on the Soviet National Anthem, click here)
Questions on Mussolini, Orwell, Pope
Questions on Hitler, Chamberlain, Churchill
Questions on Baumann
Questions on Memor, Ash, Milosz, Havel
Questions on Yugoslavia

A German Leaflet


Winston Churchill, at the Ready